(Gluten-free) knackebrot / cracker with seeds

Home made cracker bread with seeds.

My gluten-free friend has made this her staple picnic and party food, and she's gotten everyone else addicted too. The recipe is very simple, and you can vary it by changing seeds their proportions to each other, or by trying different types of flour. The corn flour is hearty and quite filling, which is nice. I've also tried half corn flour, half chick pea flour. Once you know what works, you can also experiment with different herbs and spices.

The recipe was recommended to me by my friend who spotted it on the Finnish blog Gluteeniton Muumimamma.

Crisp bread / Knackebrot

200 ml corn flour
75 ml sunflower seeds
50 ml flaxseed
50 ml sesame seeds
50 ml pumpkin seeds
2 tsp salt (or less - this will be pretty salty, since I like the outcome to be cracker-like)
50 ml oil
250 ml boiling hot water

Turn the oven to 150°C. 

Combine the dry ingredients, then add oil and boiling water. Mix. You can use cold water, too, but then the flours don't swell as quickly and the dough will be watery. 

On a baking tray, covered with a sheet of non-stick parchment, pat the dough flat and as thin as you can. A plastic bag over your hand might help. In my slightly smaller than regular oven I get two trays from one batch, so don't dump all the dough on the tray at once. Precut into squares, if you like - I prefer to break the crackers by hand when they're done.

Bake for about one hour.


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