Make your butter healthier

Finns usually butter their bread with margarine, but recent trends have also increased the use of butter. Neither one is a great option. 

The mile-long list of ingredients on a packet is alarming: it includes unnecessary colourings and preservatives. Butter is a purer product, but the quality of the fats is very disputed. Margarines don't always contain good fats either despite what the ads say. But butter also comes from industrial farming, where cows and their calfs have terrible lives. And the biggest disadvantage with margarines is that they mostly taste bad.

So what do I put on my sliced bread?

We've started to make our own margarine: Simply mix equal parts of butter, good quality oil with healthy fats (I use olive oil, mostly for the taste) and water! It works! This way your butter has less fat and a better fat profile and you use less animal product.

Soft butter with oil

250g organic butter
250ml organic olive oil, rape seed oil or other good oils – or a mix!
250ml water
1 teaspoon of sea salt, or to taste

Soften the butter in room temperature for a few hours before you start. Combine the ingredients in a suitable container and mix them with a stick blender. Pour the "margarine" to a convenient butter container and store it in the fridge.

You can change the amount of salt and try experimenting with adding garlic or dried herbs!


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