Quesadillas: Quick and cheesy

We often make our own fast food; burgers, pizzas or melted cheese sandwiches are quicker to get, they're tastier and healthier when home-made (duh!). Of course we do the occasional late night falafels and lazy day sushi take-aways, too.

But one more reason to pig out at home: quesadillas! They are ridiculously easy to make and only a little unhealthy, depending on how much cheese you use. You don't really need more than tortilla bread and cheese to get started, everything else you throw in there is a bonus. We're so inspired that A even mentioned making his own tortilla bread...


Tortilla bread (the size that fits your frying pan!)
Grated cheese (mild Gouda, for instance)
Leek, thoroughly rinsed and finely sliced
Tomato, finely sliced (deseeded so the quesadilla doesn't get too wet)

Heat the frying pan to medium/hot and place a tortilla on the bottom of the dry pan. You are toasting the tortilla, so if it gets burned, turn the heat down. Sprinkle cheese on half of the bread, followed by sparsely scattered toppings and finish with more cheese. (If you fill the quesadilla too much it won't heat in the middle and you won't be able to close it properly.) Try to not get any on the pan, or it will start to burn. When the bread starts to fill with air pockets, it's time to fold over the dry half of the tortilla. Press lightly. Move your quesadilla to a plate and start making the next, even more delicious one!

You can fill the quesadillas with pretty much anything, as long as it doesn't become too wet or too big. I have to say though: you really only need cheese and leek to make it yummy. Serve with sour cream, guacamole and a salad, but only if you're not too lazy – it's fast food, after all!

I found guidance from Simply Recipes.


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