Delicious, crunchy cabbage

A simple, seasonal side dish with fresh cabbage.

I'm lucky to have two weekly farmer's markets in my area, it leaves me no excuse not to eat fresh and seasonal produce. Last Saturday we were on the lookout for green cabbage (because I spotted this simple shredded cabbage recipe) but by accident we bought a huge, organic pointed cabbage instead. Despite its pointy, unicorn-esque looks the pointed cabbage can apparently be used just as plain green cabbage, and the taste can even be a bit sweeter.

This was the best side salad I have made in ages; simple, juicy, crunchy – easy! Which is lucky because even if I made a cabbage casserole today, I still have more than two kilos of cabbage in the fridge...

Shredded cabbage

500g green cabbage
1 tsp coarse salt
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
ground black pepper to taste

Slice the cabbage into thin strips and put it in a big bowl. Add salt and massage and turn the cabbage around in the bowl for a few minutes to break the texture a bit and to make the cabbage softer and moister. Finish with olive oil, lemon juice and ground black pepper.


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