Warm fruit salad with white chocolate

A warm fruit salad dessert with rich white chocolate will suit most diets.

Last week we invited our friends R and S for a fish-free and lactose-free see-you-soon-again dinner. For a starter we served a warm goat's cheese salad, for a main course A stirred together a delicious mushroom risotto and for dessert... oh, that was difficult.

The previous evening I dug out this recipe for a warm fruit salad from my bookmarks folder. Our guests were impressed, and so were we! Now I will find it difficult to ever want to make any other dessert again.

Warm fruit salad with white chocolate 

(four portions)
200 ml raspberries (frozen are fine)
2 bananas
2 kiwi fruits
2 passion fruits (optional)
100g iChoc vegan white chocolate

Chop the fruit and layer it into oven proof bowls (most bowls are). I would not leave the bananas on top, they turn nasty and brown in the oven. I would also not mix up the fruits: if the raspberries jumble around too much, everything will turn a reddish brown colour. I put a few on the bottom and a few on top. If you want to use passion fruit, chop them in half and spoon out the seeds.

Chop the chocolate into chunks that aren't too small and garnish each bowl with it.

If your oven has a grill setting, then use it and if it doesn't, then pop the fruit salads in the oven at 225°C for about 10 minutes, or until the chocolate melts.

Recipe from Finnish food blog Peruspöperöä, who found it in Glorian Ruoka&Viini 1/2010.


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