Easter Brunch 2012

Easter was early this year, and for our annual (since last year!) Easter Sunday brunch the weather was chilly – at last year's brunch we were sunning on the balcony, admiring our sprouting sweet peas and courgette plants.

The other difference to last year was that the amount of guests grew from fifteen to twenty-two: a lot more mouths to feed! So again this year I got to wreck my head trying to figure out how much food we need.

We served: cole slaw, bulgur salad (triple batch), jalapeno egg salad (on 18 eggs), watermelon and feta salad (on 1/4 of a melon), Gruyére breadsticks (on two loafs of bread), soft cheese balls coated with bread crumbs, roasted potato wedges (on 3 kg potatoes), a bread loaf stuffed with roasted vegetables and a savoury bread roll cake with red pesto, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.

For dessert I only made a batch of St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake, because I trusted some of my kitchen wizard friends to bring a few treats, too. As usual, I hardly took any photos of the food, but that can be taken as a sign of how much fun we had drinking mimosas and socialising with our friends!


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