Simple parsnip soup

A parsnip accident with good results.

One of the first parsnips of my life was probably oven roasted, eaten in Ireland. Our organic vegetable delivery kept bringing us parsnips this winter and so I had to think of other ways to cook them.

They ended up in a pot of whatever-we-have-at-home – a soup that turned out to be so delicious that it's now my favourite winter soup! The sesame seed oil gives the soup that extra something-something that elevates it from plain to great.

Parsnip soup with sesame oil

Olive oil
1 onion
2-3 big parsnips
2 potatoes
1 litre of water
(Optional: a chunk of soft tofu OR 2 tbsp cream cheese for creaminess)
Salt, pepper, white pepper
Roasted sesame seed oil

Chop the onion. Cut parsnips and potatoes in halves, then slice them. Heat up the oil in a mid-sized saucepan, toss in all the vegetables and give them a stir for a minute or so.

Pour in enough water to cover everything, as if it was a stew Рadd more water later to adjust thickness if needed. Mix in a pinch of salt and pepper. Let boil for about 15 minutes, then pur̩e the soup to a silky smooth consistency.

Adjust with more salt and pepper if needed – parsnips have a sweet flavor and might need a decent pinch of salt. Serve with a swirl of sesame seed oil (other seed or nut oils will work, too).


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